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Screen printing background

History of Screen printing

Screen Printing – also called Silk Screen Printing or Serigraphy was first invented by the Chinese over 1000 years ago and with modern updates, remains one of the most versatile methods of printing.

It is by far the most durable method of printing onto cotton and many other substrates. In a liquid state, we force the ink deep into the fabric fibers, then we heat the ink fusing it to the fabric, forming a strong flexible bond.

Although there have been many new digital developments, in most cases Screen Printing still outdoes them in quality, cost & durability. This is why 99% of cotton t-shirts worldwide are still Screen Printed rather than printed digitally.

Screen printing Process

 Screen printing is a multi stage Process:

Garment Screenprint is a process of using a mesh based stencil to apply ink onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, cotton bags, aprons etc. 
Several different colour screens are connected onto the automatic machine to produce the multi-coloured image or design. 
Ink is forced through the mesh openings by the squeegee and onto the garment during the squeegee stroke.
As the squeegee rebounds away from the fabric the ink image remains on the garment. 
The ink is then dried by passing the garments through a specialist drying machine.

Screen Printing Benefits

Screen Printing Finish

We can use Screenprinting when printing onto light and dark coloured fabrics. When printing onto dark we always use an extra white layer. We make an extra screen to enhance the quality of the finished print.

Standard prints are upto 35cm x 40 cm (slightly bigger than A3) however we can print as large as A2.

Screen printing benefits

Screen printing method

The method of screen printing is essentially the same as you may have done in art class at school but on a commercial scale using the best quality state of the art products & machinery. If you order is under 100 items, your job will be printed manually, with a person pushing the ink through the screen. If your order is over 100 items, it will likely be printed by one of our large automatic screen printing machines, where the ink is pushed through the screen by the machine.

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