Corporate gifts

We offer approximately 400 different exciting and uniquely chosen promotional products to choose from. Our promotional corporate gifts collection, are logo-ready and provides the ultimate platform to take your brand to a whole new level!

Why brand Corporate gifts?

Branding corporate gifts allows you to make a lasting impression on your customers. Our wide range of corporate gifts and products, allows you to achieve this. By providing gifts and products with your branded logo or message on, you are on the front line of your client’s mind. By branding these corporate gifts, especially mobile devices such as cooler bags and power banks, your customer becomes the promoter for your brand.

Mobile Technology

Classic-Marketing provides a wide variety of mobile technology products for branding and promotional purposes. Our product includes Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speakers, cables, Car chargers, Car mobile phone holders, Cases, Earbuds, headphones USB Hubs, Wireless chargers, Smartphone stands, and many more.


Classic-Marketing offers a wide variety of bags which include: backpacks, beach bags, laptop bags, shopping bags, travel bags, gift bags, sports bags, conference bags, and many more. Click on our catalogue to view all our bag products for your marketing and promotional needs.

Outdoor and Recreation

Our Outdoor and recreation section offers a wide variety of outdoor gifts and products which can greatly benefit your brand when socializing with friends, colleagues, and potential customers. See our range of outdoor and recreational products clicking the button below.

Drink And Lunchware

We offer an exciting range of drinks and lunch ware products to choose from. This section includes the following products: Plastic, metal, and infuser bottles. Breakfast cups, Flasks, lunch boxes, mugs, shakers bottles, and tumblers. Visit our drink and lunch ware section for any specific product you might be interested in for your promotional needs.


Make an impact on branding and marketing all your stationary equipment with our range of stationery products offered. Classic-Marketing offers a wide range of color pencil sets, crayon sets, document holders, ecological products, highlighters, pencil sets, rulers, sharpeners, and much more.

Writing instruments

For all your writing instrument needs, we have you covered. We offer different types of writing instruments to perfectly meet your needs for your promotional and marketing campaigns.


Notebooks are very valuable and can also make a large impact on your brand promotions. We offer the perfect range of notebook products you might require. From Ecological notebooks, A4 to A6 notebooks and also, complete notebook sets.

Promotional gifts

We at Classic-Marketing understand that it’s a competitive world out there. However, you should never have to settle for second best when it comes to promotional gifts and marketing. Classic-Marketing have you covered with all the promotional products to make an impact on your company or brand in this competitive industry.

Home And Living Promotional Products

Classic-Marketing provides home and living products that are logo-ready for your brand promotional needs. We offer Bottle coolers, cheese boards, oven gloves, and tongs.

Novelties and Giveaway Promotional Products

With so many Novelties and Giveaway products to choose from, Classic-Marketing only provides the best quality products available for branding and promotional purposes. Our range of novelties and giveaway products have been carefully selected to benefit your brand in every aspect.

Sports And Wellness Promotional Products

What better way to promote your brand with products used at the gym? Classic-Marketing offers a large variety of sports and wellness products which include: Armbands, exercise sets, smartphone armbands, smartphone pouches, resistance bands, shaker bottles, smartwatches, sports bags, towels and many more.

Lanyard Products & Branding Products

A simple device such as a lanyard can make a more complex impact on your brand as one would realize. Branding lanyards is what Classic-Marketing does best. With our variety of lanyards available, you’re in the right place for making your brand stand out from the rest.

Keyholders For Brand Promotion

Make a promotional impact for your brand with our range of keyholder products. A neat and professional branded keyholder will catch the eye of a potential customer. See our range of keyholders offered by clicking the button below.

Personal Care Products

From first-aid kits, hairbrushes, hand sanitizers, insect repellents, lip balms, and sunblock products, we offer a wide selection of the best brand-ready personal care products to our clients.

Children Gifts And Products

Children always want a product that looks “cool”. We offer the latest trending products from backpacks, bags, crayon sets, skipping ropes, sunglasses, games, bottles, and many more for children. Branding these products with a logo will attract attention to your brand.

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