Classic marketing Embossing Printing Services

Embossing Printing Services

Embossing Services By Classic marketing

Benefits of our Embossing services

Embossing printing services provide you with an ultimate statement of class for your marketing campaigns. Custom made blocks are created that are used with a variety of inks to design an embossed printed surface on an object such as paper. Embossing is basically, where the design buldge out from the surface of the object it is printed on. Debossing is when the image is sunk down into the paper. 

You can also choose debossing printing without the use of ink. This is done with subtle changes in light that occurs between the flat surface and the embossed image, thus, making it visible. Embossing is a concept that has been around for years and it’s a major marketing trend. Contact us at Classic-marketing for all your Embossing marketing requirements. 

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