About Classic-Marketing

About Classic-Marketing

Classic-Marketing started with humble beginnings, as time went by, we grew as a team of motivated and dedicated marketing, branding, and designing individuals.

All the people working at Classic-Marketing have one thing in common, and that is, we have love and passion for the work we do. All our teams work very hard to ensure that we provide the best possible client service and offer the best quality products for every individual client.

Classic-Marketing ensures that all our teams are trained professionally and that everyone is up to date with the latest marketing, technologies, branding, and designing skills. Our client’s satisfaction is our success!

Classic-Marketing works closely with some of the largest product suppliers in South Africa and also in the world, to better provide you with the latest and best promotional products on the market.

You may find that there is a very wide variety of products in our catalogues you can choose from. With so many products such as clothing, gifts, and essentials to choose from, we understand it can cause complexities. However, our sales team will assist all our clients to direct them in the correct direction and to quickly find the best products and services that meet their needs.

Our expertise in product branding in the most creative ways breathes new life into promotion campaigns for all our clients. We have built this company to where it is today by always providing excellent services, a passion for detail, offering high-quality corporate gifts, clothes, and essentials to the best prices on the market.

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